Regular teeth brushing and cleaning between teeth,

helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy,

and helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Other things that may help, include mouthwashes,

tongue cleaning, and eating a healthy diet,

which includes limiting sugary drinks and foods.

If you smoke, stopping smoking will improve oral hygiene.

Have a dental check-up at least once a year.

Why is oral hygiene, executed by dental hygienist is so important?

Good oral hygiene helps to prevent dental problems,

mainly plaque and tartar (calculus) which are the main causes

of gum disease and caries (tooth decay). Good oral hygiene may

also help to prevent or delay dental erosion. Teeth cleaning performed

manually with special instruments or using ultrasound teeth surface cleaning.

Dental plaque is a soft whitish deposit that forms on the surface of teeth.

It forms when germs (bacteria) combine with food and saliva.

Plaque contains many types of bacteria. In a case You’re smoker,

plaque coloring in specific color, caused by tobacco burning products.

Conditions under the plague is ideal for decay, because herms (bacteria)

covered and protected by plaque, so they can easily stick to dental surface, and start dental caries.

Tartar (calculus) is hardened calcified plaque. It sticks firmly to teeth.

Generally, it can only be removed with special instruments by a dentist

or dental hygienist. In many cases patients have tooth decay under the tartar.

Our dental hygienist shall resolve following cases:

Execute correct teeth and gums diseases prevention;

Execute full range of actions for mouth cavity protection;

Execute all actions for professional teeth and gums hygiene

Execute patient correct mouth hygiene training

Execute fluoridation, teeth coating with special, protective waxes, whitening e.t.c.

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