Prices and Services

Dear Patients ! It is close to impossible to estimate Your treatment price, not to be seeing You, because all cases are unique for every human. So prices published in the pricelist are for general information only. Final price can be estimated after Your case complete examination. Please visit us, to view the full pricelist version.

Prices will be back soon!


Consultation – from  EUR

First X-ray examination –  EUR

OPG (orthopantomography) –  EUR

3D – CT – EUR

Cavity closing – from  EUR

Endodontia (root canal treatment) – from  EUR

Microscope assistent treatment – from EUR

Extraction – from  EUR


Porcelain fused to metal crown –  EUR

Porcelain fused to zirconia –  EUR

Bridge – from  EUR

Plastic denture – from  EUR

Elastic plastic denture – from  EUR

Implantation – please contact us


Mouth cavity hygiena – from  EUR 


now available in our clinic

All dental diagnostics at one location. No more migrating around diagnostics centers and long waiting for scheduled appointment.

We’d pointed a lot of attention to equip our clinic with state-of-the-art equipment. Every dentist working place is equipped with last generation digital X-ray unit. We did it, first of all to ensure or patients from excess X-ray doses, in addition we equipped our clinic with 3D – CT unit. So we can complete full dental investigation at place, just indoor. All what You need, just visit us, all the rest is our care.

3D – CT

3D – CT it is digital, AI assisted dental and jaws X-ray examination.

3D -CT allows to Your doctor investigate a lot by one picture only: To check all teeth, roots, and periodontal tissues; To evaluate jaws bones, their thickness and density, temporomandibular joint condition; To detect prosthetic and other dental treatment failure; To investigate periodontal tissue conditions; To discover dental and periodontal pathology at early stages; To uncover cyst and tumors at early stages; To compose correct individual treatment plan, especially for implantation, and detect individual anatomical properties; To follow up treatment stages; To reduce X-ray effects on the human body.