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They are most frequent cases occurred in dentistry.

You suffer a teeth pain at cold or hot?  You feel discomfort at sweets?

This is a classic case description, when dental therapy needed.

Starting from superficial enamel damage through deep endodontic involvement.

Stay sure, You have not to loose a tooth as soon as You feel a pain!

Great experience deposited by our team and modern technologies,

allows us to save it, sure if You detected problem by Yourself,

or Your Dentist or Higienist get it up on the early stages of the process.

Process frequently developing as invisible to a patient,

unfortunately,  in this case Dentist and Patient, meet a serious

problem, including deep dental structure damage, so,  Endodontical treatment predicted:

Endodontia – root canal therapy

When a tooth is considered at risk for further infection

due to decay or cracking, a root canal is advisable to prevent

the spread of infection. To cure the infection and save the tooth,

Your Dentist will remove the infected pulp tissue,

Since the nerves and blood supply has been removed,

infection preventing medicines were applied,

after some time is possible different ways to close the case.

One of methods is to fill the cavity with an inert material,

and seal the opening, in a huge damage case,

it is way to make a tooth restauration, sometimes using titan construction as a base.

Another way is to use a crown after a root canal.

For many patients, root canal therapy is one of the

most feared procedures in all of dentistry. However,

at Dentavita, our dental professionals make it our

number-one priority to ensure your comfort while

undergoing your root canal treatment, so there is

absolutely nothing to fear. We have a variety of pain control

methods, to ensure you a pain-free visit.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact Dentavita today.